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Are you effectively reachign out to your customers to give them the information they want and need? You can encourage repeat visits, repeat purchases, and repeat word-of-mouth recommendations by building a relationship with your customers. They don't want to be overwhelmed with sales garbage or too many pitches. But they do want to be kept abreast of what you have to offer. How do you know? Because, after all, they are your customers!

RMS provides a high-performance web-based service for opt-in e-mail marketing campaigns and e-mail lists. Our application infrastructure is capable of managing any size permission based e-mail list. It offers built in advanced tracking that easily track open rates, URL click thru stats and unsubscribes. We provide a combination of speed, features and message personalization ability which makes it an easy to use list management system for any email marketer.

As an Internet retailer, your business depends on online marketing programs to drive targeted traffic to your Web site, and on efficiently converting that traffic into paying customers with whom you can build a lasting and relevant relationship. With online advertising prices rising, increasing competition in the marketplace, and ever more savvy shoppers, every visit to your site counts, and the success of converting those visitors to paying customers is crucial.

For direct marketers with very large audiences, success hinges on the quality of your lists and your ability to get targeted and relevant offers to them. Doing this while keeping compliant with the ever-changing and dizzying array of government and private standards now applying to commercial email can be challenging.

Successful direct marketers now know that simply blasting email is not a sustainable business model; that long-term success means building relationships, keeping your lists clean and sending valuable content to audiences that want it.

Response Managemetn Systems is committed to maximizing the success of your online marketing programs. That’s why we provide world-class support and training as part of your RMS account. We offer free online help and standard support for all customers and premium support packages for customers wishing for additional assistance.

Response Mangement Systems is one of the best email service providers in the world. We have a dedicated Privacy & Standards team to oversee privacy policy, compliance with our terms of service and ISP relations. Our goal is to protect subscriber privacy and provide control over one’s own personal data, as well as to assist list owners with privacy and compliance.

Our Privacy & Standards team assists list owners by providing tools and best practices education to protect their reputation, brand and throughput, and to ensure the highest levels of permission and consent when mailing.

Privacy Policy
RMS Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy. We want you to feel free to express yourself on the RMS system, so we are committed to allowing you to feel secure in an environment that puts you in control of what you share with the rest of the community, and with RMS Inc.

Best Practices
Response Management Systems is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible email throughput. To assist our customers with this goal, we maintain a list of best practices to follow in creating your email content and campaign.

Anti-Spam Policy
Response Management Systemshas a strict policy against Spam. As one of the nation's most popular providers of email services, RMS has consistently taken a leadership role in abuse prevention. We work with the email abuse prevention community to find solutions to the problem of unsolicited email.

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The number of effective ways to reach customers is exploding — the number of companies that have a tried and true methodology are diminishing.
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